Criminal Defense Lawyer Salt Lake City, Utah

Bad things happen to good people all of the time.  Getting caught in the wrong situation at the wrong time is something that we cannot always control.  With the severity of the Utah law, the dangers of losing one’s livelihood or good standing are a serious matter.

Being arrested is one of the most mentally challenging and draining experiences a professional could go through.  Not only is it natural to feel worried or embarrassed, but the anger that can severely stir your emotions can often times be overbearing.

If you are located in Salt Lake City or Murray, UT we are the Criminal Defense firm for you.  We are firm believer in protecting our neighbors’ legal rights in the court of law.  As a felony attorney that settles everything from DUI to domestic violence, I have the experience and audacity to fight for what is right.

We encourage everybody that we represent to stand up, be confident, and help guide them through the process of finding the right criminal defense lawyer that they can count on.

Too often we find people around Murray and Salt Lake City who want to forget about their DUI arrest or their criminal record in the hopes of having it miraculously disappear.  Unfortunately this form of responding to the law is not always the best method.

We are here to answer those tough questions “What should I do if I am arrested in Utah?” – “Will my DUI arrest stay on my record?”

Please feel free to get in contact with us and we will be happy to walk you through the criminal law process as one of the top defense lawyers in Salt Lake City and Murray, UT.

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